Suddenly the memory of the ‘fifth partner in six years’ flashed into the doctor’s mind. Tentatively she continued, ‘I noticed in your records that you have changed partners several times. Do you find it difficult to let them into how you are feeling as well?’ The girl muttered again and the doctor just caught, ‘One of the doctors said I didn’t need a smear if I wasn’t doing it.’ ‘Wasn’t doing what?’ asked the doctor stupidly, and then realized what Miss K. had said. ‘Oh, you mean that you’re not having intercourse. Why do you keep coming for the Pill, then?’ (Oh dear, thought the doctor, I’m really making a mess of this.) The girl lifted her head enough to give the doctor a glimpse of dark brown eyes and dilated pupils. ‘Tricia brings me down with her every time I start going out with a new man. She’s worried that I’ll get pregnant like she did, but there’s no chance of that!’ and she laughed harshly. The doctor felt very intrusive and clumsy. ‘Do you want to tell me about it?’ There was a long pause and then Miss K. gave a great shuddering sigh. ‘I don’t think I can,’ she whispered. There was another pause. ‘Could I see you again next time I come?’ she said and then, with a great effort, ‘You won’t make me have one of those things?’ and gestured at the couch. ‘Not until you’re ready,’ promised the doctor, feeling very protective, and made special arrangements to see Miss K. herself in two weeks.


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