When to see your doctor

• if you suspect that this is the first episode of eczema in your child;

• if the rash is weeping or bleeding;

• there is no significant improvement after a few days, despite the measures you usually take for your child’s eczema;

• if your child is having trouble sleeping due to excessive itching;

• if your child is generally unwell in addition to the rash;

• if you have any doubts that the rash is due to eczema.


Avoid dressing your child in woollens and synthetics. Cotton garments are preferred for a child who has eczema. Avoid the use of soaps and bath preparations. Avoid overheating as this can make the itch worse. Avoid very hot baths or showers. If you suspect that your child’s eczema is due to a food allergy, but have been unable to find out which is the offending food, discuss the possibility and value of allergy testing with your doctor.


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