SHORTENING OF REFRACTORY PERIOD: I think I could go again and again. We don’t, but I can have sex and then go into the bathroom and masturbate and then come back and have sex.

I just stop because we stop. I can get ready in a matter of a few minutes, no, seconds. I could do it over and over if I had to, ïî, I mean, if I wanted to.

Can you tell which is the husband and which is the wife? The first is the wife. Both partners are experiencing shortened refractory periods in part because of hyperarousal and in part because of their “hot running, keep on going” style of living. There is less of a refractory period following a hurried, less intense sexual experience than following a mutually involving, prolonged, emotionally intense sexual interaction. One hundred eleven men and 44 women reported this type of problem as occurring often in their sexual relationships. Remember that the problems mentioned here are re-norted at a higher frequency when the question is changed to “Have vou ever experienced this problem?” instead of “Is this problem characteristic of your sexual relationship?” When the first question is asked, all of us have some or many of these problems sometimes, and discussing them even before they are experienced can be good preventive sexual therapy.


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