Obsessing over a number on the scale, a dress size, or a waist measurement is bound to result in negative thinking, and at its extreme (which I see all too often in my patients), self-loathing. Don’t let this happen to you. Ignore your weight and measurements for a while. Just start down your healthy eating-sensible exercise path, take Chitosan as appropriate, and smell the roses! Try it for as long as you can—say for a couple of months. Then see how you’re doing. Don’t expect miracles. But if you’ve lost even a few pounds or a half inch here or there, that is a sort of little miracle. Because, perhaps for the first time in your life, those pounds and inches are gone forever. As long as you stay on this simple, easy plan and take Chitosan, there can be no rebound effect.

Not allowing for personal vulnerability-Too many dieters take a hard-line approach with themselves. They have to be perfect; they have to follow their diets to the
letter. If and when they fail to do so (as they must because their diet is too harsh to stay with), they beat themselves up, getting frustrated and eventually abandoning their diets. By starting out slowly, planning treats into your diet, asking yourself only for small improvements in your food intake and exercise patterns at the outset, but blocking many of the fat calories with Chitosan, this program provides the best of both worlds—a chance to be less than perfect, and the assurance that you are not ruining your health or waistline!


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