There is no reason for you to stop taking medication while you are having this treatment. However one of the main reasons for using TENS is to help you to reduce the amount of pain-killers you may be taking.

TENS is a method of encouraging your body to produce its own pain killers — the endorphins and enkephalins. Thus it is far preferable to take yourself off strong pain killers which may be putting your liver and kidneys at risk, as well as exposing yourself to the risk of drug addiction.

The benefits of TENS may well be enhanced by the use of an antidepressant at the same time. The use of TENS before going to bed may reduce the need for sleeping tablets. 8. Is treatment with TENS painful?

During TENS treatment you will experience a tingling or pulsing sensation under the electrodes or spreading away from the electrode site. TENS should never be painful as such pain would open the ‘pain gate’. The whole idea of TENS is help the body to close the gate.

In some types of treatment muscular contractions may be produced. These aid the breakdown of painful muscle spasms and increase the amount of blood flowing through the area. The strength of the muscle contractions should always be within your ability to cope without undue discomfort.

You should be able to wear a TENS unit for up to several hours without discomfort. If you experience pain during treatment you should speak to your doctor or therapist.


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