1.     Walk up a flight of stairs at the shopping mall instead of taking the escalator.
2.     Park your car at a distant part of the parking lot of the supermarket and walk to and from the entrance.
3.    Put the remote control for your TV set in a cupboard and get out of your seat and walk to the set every time you want to change a channel or switch the set on or off.
4.    Cancel home delivery for your newspaper and walk to the news agency.
5.      Use the old non-motorized lawnmower instead of the self-propelled one.
6.      Carry small packages home rather than place them in a cart, and then in the boot of your car.
7.      Choose old-fashioned alternatives to the modern, so-called time-saving (really energy-saving) devices in your home or office.
8.      Consider all aspects of your life that have made you into a “couch potato” rather than a vital, active middle-aged adult. If possible, go down this list and seek substitutes that will make you exert more physical effort in doing things.
Let’s take a look at exercise, rather than just increased physical activity. The increased physical activity will help, but you really need to start a regular exercise programme in order to get the maximum benefits.

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